Welcome to EBZ Corporation! We Are the International Freight Specialist in Bangladesh.

EBZ Corporation- a logistics company was established in 20-03-2009. The company has been successfully providing one window multidimensional customized logistics services, ranging from delivery of heavy international shipments to small scale shipments including project handling. The company client list includes major national and multinational importers and exporters with special emphasis on telecommunications, power, textile and garment industry sectors. The corporate office of this company is in Dhaka with other offices in Chittagong and other strategic locations facilitating national customs clearing and international freight forwarding in air, sea and land modes, tracking and tracing of shipments, inland transportation, warehousing, packing, etc.  using computers and modern technological equipment. The company is highly capable of providing efficient logistical supports to the customers with skilled manpower under dynamic leadership and management.

EBZ Corporation is one of the fastest growing freight forwarders in Bangladesh.Our company is committed to providing innovative and sustainable freight solutions that can support international trade and help maintain a steady flow of investments into the country. Our approach is founded on values—loyalty, honesty, respect, integrity, and determination. We make sure that these values manifest in our organisation from the executives
and partners down to the agents and personnel

Easy & Convenient

We specialize in all import and export matters. Following are the main services that we provide: Pack and Unpack Containers – We pride on having MAF accredited warehouses where we admit, pack, and unpack cargo. Our processes are designed to the highest quality standards to ensure the safety of your cargo before and after shipping.

Safe & Secure

Cargo Security Management and Compliance In response to growing international concern about cargo security and our comprehensive know-how enables us to plan and implement the most effective means for handling All Clearing And forwarding

Special Services


    Shipper reports the details of cargo to the Forwarders/Consolidators. Forwarders/Consolidators obtain the booking from the carrier and endorse this booking note to the shipper and/or his clearing and forwarding agent.

    C&F agent submits the shipping bill and other documents to the custom authorities for appraisement/custom examination and allow loading permission, which consume approximately one working day. To obtain visa from EPB shipper need original shipping copy of shipping bill duly approved by custom and dummy copy from the forwarder. A shipper may airfreight without visa but shipper usually send visa along with the shipment in order to avoid any complication at destination.

    After examination, the authority allow loading permission from customs and after obtaining customs paper from the C&F agent of the shippers, we as forwarder supervise the stuffing of cargo into the container and pallets and hand over to the airlines.

    We obtain visa from the shipper and issue original House Air Way Bill (HAWB) to the shipper and send required documents to destination office or along with the consignment.


    Cargo can be stuffed at the terminal. Shipping lines and Forwarders are normally advised to maintain flexibility in operations. Therefore they normally plan in a way so that each B/L quantity may be examined and packed without delay in the operation.



    The actual consignee is written in consignee column of H/BL or HAWB wheras our name is written in consignee’s column of OB/L or MAWB. The procedure is as follows:


    After arrival of flight, delivery order is taken from the airlines and documents, in the name of actual consignee, are submitted to the customs and airlines manifest amendment department.


    The request of amendment is submitted 3/4 days prior to vessel arrival to concerned shipping line who then amend the requirements in customs by themselves. Therefore origin must send a formal pre-alert and original documents to destination office before arrival of vessel without which information amendment is not possible.


    Customs clearance normally take 2/3 days after the submission of complete documents to custom authorities. Documents required are Delivery Order, Invoice, P/List and L/C, etc.





    • BY AIR

    The consignment arriving at any airport can not be transshipped to any other airport under bond as it is not permitted by the government but special permission can be obtained from concerned authority which is sole discretion of the authorities concerned whether to permit the movement or not.

    • BY SEA

    The shipment arriving by sea can be transshipped under bond to the cities having dry ports. The shipping documents must show dry ports name in “place of delivery” column where the cargo has to go. If there is no induction of place of delivery in HB/L or OB/L, the shipment cannot move under bond to dry ports.


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