Warehouse and Transportation

Everything from sourcing raw materials and efficiently managing inventory to getting orders delivered to customers on time. We can provide you with warehouse space of up to 44,000 square feet in Dhaka and Chittagong. We can organize the storage and protection of your products in a safe and secure manner. We can also provide a modern inventory control system along with fleet surface transportation, zero inventory, and J.I.T concept.
We will choose the best vehicle and route for the transportation of your cargo. We are able to reorganize resources if necessary and have access to the capacity and equipment you require. Among our abilities are the following:  

Fast delivery and on time services.
  • Smart tracking system.
  • Professional team to handle the products.
  • Diverse transportation for any kind of shipment.

  • Personalized services depending on the item.
  For further information, contact our concern company JAJ Trading and Core Logistics 



    • Convenient Location
    • 44,000 Sq. feet space
    • Ample loading/unloading space
    • 3 accessible exit points
    • 24/7 security monitoring
    • Bonded from Customs Bond Commissionerate

    Value Added Services

    • Picking
    • Labelling and tagging cargo
    • Pallet Loading
    • QC Checks
    • Inventory Control
    • Refund Logistics Management
    • Periodic inventory count and cross docking