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CORE Logistics:  Streamlining Warehouse Management and Providing Efficient Warehousing Solutions

CORE Logistics specializes in optimizing warehouse management to meet the unique supply chain needs and challenges of your business. We understand that every company has its distinct requirements, and we work closely with you to design and re-engineer your supply chain for maximum efficiency and benefit.

Our comprehensive services encompass facility design, distribution handling, and warehouse logistics management. Our goal is to streamline your supply chain operations, allowing you to focus on your core competencies while we take care of your warehousing needs.

At CORE Logistics, we offer a range of warehousing solutions, including Dedicated Warehousing/Quality Control Inspection Centre, Multi-Client Warehousing/Quality Control Inspection Centre, and Multi-Temp Warehousing/Quality Control Inspection Centre. These options provide scalability, flexibility in working and asset requirements, and various location choices. By utilizing our flexible warehousing services, companies can optimize service quality, achieve cost savings, reduce liabilities, and accelerate speed to market.


• Strategically located stack yards near Chittagong seaport provide convenient access for logistics operations.

 • We have two stack yards covering a total area of 44,000 sqft, ensuring ample space for the storage and distribution of our customers' valuable goods. 

• Our storage areas are highly secure, staffed by professional security teams. Additionally, our locations along the Dhaka-Mymensingh highway and in heavy industrial areas offer wide accessible roads for efficient transportation.

 • CORE Logistics also possesses open space in Dhaka City and along the Dhaka-Mymensingh highway, which can be utilized for the storage and distribution of cargo.

Our Cargo Warehousing Services include:

• Adequate insured private warehousing space to meet your storage requirements. 

• Safe storage of goods with stringent control checks on entry and exit procedures.

 • By availing our services, our clients can reduce fixed overheads, increase efficiency, save valuable management time, and benefit from enhanced operational efficiency.

At CORE Logistics, we are dedicated to providing top-notch warehouse management solutions and comprehensive warehousing services. With our expertise, strategic locations, and commitment to customer satisfaction, we are your trusted partner in optimizing your supply chain operations.


Countries best innovative CFS

Entire area are monitored by CCTV with 60 days storage

Fire management system as per Fire service guideline

Stuffing facility in all-weather condition

Total area 50,000 sqft with latest handling equipment's

6 nos. of conveyor belt for mezzanine floor operation.

11 nos. of bay with a facility of 18 nos. of vehicle parking or container placement.

2 cargo lift

Only 5km away from Chattogram port

Faster turnaround time

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