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M/S RUMEL ENTERPRISE is a proud business vertical of EBZ Group, renowned customs brokerage company based in Bangladesh. Our journey began in 1982 when the visionary founder, Mr. Aziz Ahmed Bhuyain , established the company with a clear mission to provide exceptional logistics services to clients across the globe.

M/S RUMEL ENTERPRISE has upheld the values of integrity, professionalism, and customer satisfaction. We have continually adapted to the evolving needs of the logistics industry and embraced technological advancements to ensure efficient and streamlined operations. Our dedicated team of experts remains committed to providing personalized and cost-effective solutions to our clients, catering to their unique requirements and delivering excellence at every step.
This renowned establishment has been serving its clients with unwavering dedication and commitment. However, the story of M/S Rumel Enterprises is not merely about its success in the business world; it is also a tale of a remarkable individual who made a lasting impact on both his community and the development of the Clearing and Forwarding industry in Bangladesh. Through our relentless efforts, M/S Rumel Enterprises acquired customs clearing and forwarding licenses with full operation in eight different ports, including
#  Dhaka Custom House,
# ICD Kamalapur Custom House,
# ICT Pangaon Custom House,
# Chittagong Custom House, 
#Mongla Custom House,
# Benapole Custom House,
# Dhaka EPZ , 
# Olinagar. 

These achievements propelled M/S Rumel Enterprises to new heights, and it evolved from a single-winged entity into a legendary multi dimensional company of four decades.

Our strength: 
1. Expertise in customs regulations and procedures.
2. Vast knowledge in handling critical documents and ensure accurate rate of  duties and taxes
3. Experience in handballing different commodities 
4. Efficient handling of extensive documentation requirements.
5. Strong network and relationships within the logistics industry.
6. Advanced cargo tracking and monitoring capabilities.
7. Risk management and compliance expertise.
8. Cost optimization through industry knowledge and experience.
9. Problem-solving and troubleshooting abilities.
10.   Value-added services such as warehousing and distribution.
11. Excellent customer service and personalized assistance.
12. Global reach and international trade expertise.

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M/S Rumel Enterprise a Clearing & Forwarding and logistics company was established on 06-02-1982. The company has been successfully providing one window multidimensional customized logistics services, ranging from delivery of heavy international shipments to small scale shipments including project handling.  After March 20, 2009, M/S Rumel Enterprise was established in 1982 then EBZ Logistic was established in 2010. Both companies started their joint Venture as EBZ Group. After that more sister Concern were included in EBZ Group.   ……….


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Supplying company is responsible for all expenses and costs of the goods in the event that anything happens to them, and customers must agree with the supplier on all the details and there must be items on those things and be agreed upon so that no problems occur during the transfer process. Agreeing on the items of the basic and comfortable things for each of the parties and helping them to preserve their purposes without being exposed to any damage or problems, the term that is agreed upon by the seller and the importer is the one agreed upon at the end of the work so that no problems occur during the transfer process, so the commercial terms are important Very, in any case


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